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THERMO DRINK promuscle

500 ml

Sport drink and supplement with a thermogenic action

Packaging: 500 ml bottle.

Flavors: blood orange

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THERMO DRINK is a sport drink and supplement with a thermogenic action. Thanks to its particular formula, Thermo Drink has a tonic and stimulating function. Its thermogenic action is due to a synergic effect of its ingredients. There is caffeine to stimulate the metabolism and help to sustain an intensive workout and reduce the sense of fatigue. Inositol and carnitine are substances that stimulate thermogenesis, the physiological process involved in the consumption of fats to generate energy, thus reducing fatty deposits that the body stores as a further source of energy. It contains very few calories (7.5 Kcal per bottle) and is sweetened with sucralose (Splenda®), a sweetener of natural origin that makes the product taste great.

Use: just before or during a work-out at the gym.

Ingredients: water, Acidifier: citric acid, L-carnitine tartrate, guarana fluid extract, inositol, caffeine, Sweetener: sucralose, Coloring agent: E129, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vit. B6)