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10 Gels

Liquid Performance selection

The strengths of this product :

  • Assortment of liquid highly-performance sport gels
  • Naturally gluten-free
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Since energy needs necessarily differ depending on the moment, the course, the level of difficulty and one's own abilities, OVERSTIM.s has created a selection of its most renowned high performance liquid sport gels for maximum effectiveness during physical activity.

10 OVERSTIM.s liquid gels together in the same box = 4 functions!

  • 4 liquid Energix: the gels for endurances par excellence
  • 3 liquid Antioxidant gels: to contribute to normal muscle function (calcium, magnesium)
  • 2 liquid Coup de fouet: energy concentrates
  • 1 Liquid Red Tonic Sprint Air: for extreme physical activities
  • Liquid Performance selection is naturally gluten-free.

OVERSTIM.s is a member of the AFDIAG for its gluten-free range of products.