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R-PRO Citrus Fruits

300 gr.

Recovery product with carbohydrates, BCAA, Taurine, vitamins, minerals and green tea extracts

Use: 10 g of powder in 200-250 ml of water. Best results are obtained if taken within 30 minutes after sport.

Packaging: 300 g box

Flavor: Citrus fruits

35.50 CHF
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R-PRO was designed to provide pro-recovery support for those who play intense sport or exercise vigorously. It is a low-calorie supplement formulated with a blend of maltodextrins, complex high-bioavailability carbohydrates that support the restoration of muscle glycogen lost through physical activity: in fact, taking these sugars greatly reduces damage from oxidative processes.

This supplement is also fortified with taurine, vitamins, mineral salts and green tea extract, allowing a very quick recovery from the stress suffered during the activity.