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50 gr.

Drink energy protein powder 50 gr

Carbohydrates and rice proteins has a high biological value,for energetic recovery after sport with refreshing, anti-oxidant and reconstituting activity. The E vitamin of whole germinated rice (Bio-Surice®TM) favors the micro-circle and moreover carries out an emollient and soothing action at the digestive system’s level and controls of gastric acidity.

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The mix of carbohydrates helps and speeds up the reconstruction of the muscular glycogen . Cocoa carries out a tonic action and metabolic and anti-oxidant support; Teobromina acts as vasodilator and accelerator of muscular recovery bringing greater quantity of oxygen to muscles.

*Result may vary from person to person

How to use: AFTER SPORT Dissolve the content of a sachet in 250 of water or skimmed milk or soya drink or rice drink. Shake before use Daily max dose recommended 2 sachets.

Ingredients: Germinated whole rice* and maltodextrin* ( Bio-Surice®TM), whole grain brown rice protein, cocoa, cane sugar, corn maltodextrin, Himalayan pink salt, anti caking agent: sodium carbonate. * from organic farming EU/no EU.

Nutritional values for 50gr :
Energy : 623kj / 146.81 Kcal
Lipids : 1.69g of which saturated : 0g
Carbohydrates : 24.37g With sugar : 11.24g
Protein : 11.4g
Salt : 150mg