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300 gr. / 1 Kg


The strengths of this product :

  • Promotes muscle recovery and regeneration
  • Muscle toning and strengthening
  • Can be used for weight control programs
  • Naturally gluten-free
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Intense repetitive efforts do not allow your muscles to rest and recover thus causing a gradual loss in muscle power. If an inappropriate energy source is also provided during your activity, your muscles will be depleted to make up for the lack of energy and your muscle volume and efficiency will be significantly reduced. A protein supplement is recommended for sports practice for the general maintenance of your muscles and also to promote their recovery. Regeprot contains a natural source of high biological value proteins as well as calcium (essential for good muscle contraction) and contributes to the proper balance of your muscles. Regeprot is rich in BCAA (branched Chain Amino Acids). Regeprot is naturally gluten-free.

OVERSTIM.s is a member of the AFDIAG for its gluten-free range of products.


  • For an optimal recovery : mix 2 to 3 measures of Regeprot to 2 to 3 measures of Sprodej. Add some water until you obtain a smooth and creamy consistency (the texture should not be too thick). To be consumed as soon as possible after
    the end of your effort.

  • As part of your diet : Regeprot can be mixed to Sprodej or a fruit/ vegetable puree, yogurt.

Regeprot is also :

  • A good protein supplement if your diet does not contain enough proteins.
  • An interesting product to be used in slimming or sharpenning programs.


Ingredients: calcium caseinates (emulsifier: lecithins) (milk), whey protein (emulsifier: lecithins) (milk), anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, flavouring.