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BIO Force Protein

Vanilla 750 gr. - EXP. 05/2018

Protein blend 100% vegetable powder 750 g

A blend of Soy and rice protein that contains a complete amino acid profile and very similar to the protein derived from milk / eggs while being completely vegetable. They Contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass thanks to a good bioavailability. Agave syrup contributes to the joint function and the body's natural defenses, coconut milk powder with its contribution of MTC (medium-chain triglyceride) contributes together with lecithin to increase digestibility of proteins catalyzing .Proteins Bio Force are no animal ingredients suitable for those with food allergies and those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet.

*Result may vary from person to person

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Hot to use: Before or after sports or 2 hours before or after meals 30 gr of Bio Force with 250/300 ml of liquid preferred, repeat the assay according to the daily protein intake that you want to achieve combined with the rest of the diet

Ingredients: Soy protein, Rice protein, Agave, natural aroma of vanilla, powder Coconut Milk, emulsifier: soy lecithin from organic agriculture EU / non-EU.

Nutritional values for 30gr:
Energy : 517kj / 122Kcal
Lipids : 1.2g of which saturated : 0.53g
Carbohydrates : 5.3g With sugar : 3.9g
Fiber : 2.01g
Protein : 21g
Salt : 0g