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450 gr.

Energy supplement with agave sirup 450 gr

Carbohydrate-based energy mineral salt supplement. The blend of variable absorbing sugars which ensures a balance and continual intake during sporting activities. Guaranà has a tonic action (physical and mental fatigue) and stimulates the metabolism of fats. The high percentage of sodium offsets loss of salt caused by perspiration and the main cause of cramps. Free of allergens and animal’s origin ingredients suitable for those with food allergies and those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet.

*Result may vary from person to person

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HOW TO USE: Dilute 2 portions of power in 500 ml of water to obtain an isotonic solution(caffeine 15 mg/100ml).Dilute 1 portion dìfor an hypotonic solution( caféine 7,5 mg/100ml) or 3 portions for an hypertonic drink( caféine 22,5mg/100ml). Contains 30 doses x 15 gr (1 portion) 1 measuring spoon= 15 gr

Ingredients: Corn glucose syrup; Corn maltodextrine; Agave , Himalayan pink salt, citric acid ( as acidity corrector), Guaranà E.S. seed tit. a9,5% in caffeine, natural lemon flavour;, Vitamin C * from organic Eu/NO Eu agriculture.

Nutritional values for 30gr (2 dosing spoons):
Energy : 343kj / 82.11 Kcal
Lipids : 0g
Carbohydrates : 26.1g With sugar : 25.11g
Protein : 0g
Salt : 0.465g
Vitamin C : 80mg