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Mineral Plus isotonic ECO

ECOPack 1,125 Kg


Packaging: pouch 1125 g

Flavors: orange

25.90 CHF
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Available: 16   

MINERAL PLUS ISOTONIC is an isotonic saline supplement for sports people with an osmolarity amounting to approximately 290 mOsm/l; it has been designed to restore the fluids and salts (sodium, magnesium, potassium) lost when the body perspires heavily during and after physical activity. The inclusion of carbohydrates (maltodextrins and dextrose) facilitates an immediate and persistent energy recovery, while the mineral salts prevent the onset of muscle cramps.

Mineral Plus Isotonic is ideal for all types of sport, for use during and after the physical activity.

Use: 30 g of product (2 tablespoonfuls) in 500 ml of water