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Last GEL 20'

Exotic fruits 30 ml

GEL LAST '20 30 ml

The Gel Last 20 'is an energy product for athletes based on carbohydrates recommended for all prolonged physical effort conditions. 30 ml of product provide 80 kcal with an average glycemic load of a quilt majority carbohydrate assimilation ultra fast therefore particularly advisable in the last hours of sforzo.

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Il maca used is produced exclusively with darker roots that contain the highest amount of nutrients and co-factors. It 'also an adaptogen plant, which ensures our body a' high resistance against mental and physical fatigue.

*Result may vary from person to person

How to use: Use 1-3 gels per day of physical activity according to your needs. 1 gel every 20 minutes

Ingredients: Water, glucose *, maltodextrin *, dry acerola extract *, hydro-alcoholic extract of maca *, ci- tric acid, aroma exotic fruits * * Produced by Organic *Agriculture EU / NON EU

*Pour 30ml : *
Energie : 315 KJ/ 76 Kcal
Lipides : 0g dont saturés : 0g
Glucides : 19g dont sucres : 16g
Protéine : 0g
Sel : 0,3mg
Acérola : 1,08g
Maca : 0,36g