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Gatosport cookies

16 cookies Choco-Hazelnut

The strengths of this product :

The last, easily-digested meal before a competition
Energy-packed (+ 500 kcal for 6 cookies)
Consumed up to 1 hr before the activity
Easy and quick to prepare (16 cookies)
400 g box

14.90 CHF
Tax incl.

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New! The GATOSPORT family is happy to announce two new additions: Gatosport cookies and Gatosport muffins, so that your last meal before a competition is always energy-packed, released gradually, easy to digest and delicious.

Exceptionally effective for the morning meal or as food intake between two stints of physical activity on the same day, Gatosport cookies are the most reliable basis for starting a race in the secure knowledge that you will be at your most effective.

Gatosport cookies are:

Great energy level: All you need is 6 to 8 cookies to create optimal energy conditions when preparing for an intense activity.
Easy to digest to avoid consuming the body's energy reserves, so that they can be used later.
Easy to prepare and use.
A pleasant increase in the amount of sleep: the cookies can be used late on (can be consumed up to 1 hr before the start of the competition).
Gatosport is also available in muffins, classic, organic and gluten-free.


Oven method of preparation:

Empty the contents of the box of Gatosport cookies into a bowl, add 200 ml of water, mix, then shape into 16 cookies on parchment paper placed on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at TH.6/7 (180/200°C). The cookies can be prepared up to 3 days before they are used and stored under cling film. Any portions not used may be frozen once baked (never re-freeze a product that has already been defrosted).

Utilisation :

Gatosport cookies can be eaten alone, or with water, tea or coffee.
Consume 6 to 8 cookies finishing, if possible, 1 hour before the start of the event.
Can be used between 2 competitions taking place on the same day.
If you want to enjoy the their maximum benefit, do not eat anything else.


Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, bread mix (wheat flour, wheat gluten, lactose and milk protein, salt), whole caramelized hazelnuts 10% (hazelnuts 96%, crystallized sugar, glucose syrup, honey), dark chocolate chips 8% (cocoa mass 49%, sugar, cocoa butter 1.5%, emulsifier: lecithins (soya)), cereal flours (rice, wheat, barley), vegetable fat (refined rapeseed oil, glucose syrup, caseinates (milk), stabilizing agent: triphosphates, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, natural flavouring), wheat germ, vanilla extract, raising agent: sodium carbonates, tricalcium phosphate. Made in a factory that uses: egg, other nuts, celery, sulphites.