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30 gr.

DURANTE energy saline drink with Agave ,forest fruits and red fruits flavor

Powder saline-energy for drink , carbohydrates based. The mix of different type of carbohydrates with different range of assimilation ensures a balanced supply and continuously during the performance. Agave syrup contributes to joint function and the body's natural defenses . The high percentage of this sodium salt compensates losses due to perspiration the main cause of muscle cramps. Without allergens and animal ingredients suitable for those with food allergies and those who follow a vegetarian and/or vegan diet.

*Result may vary from person to person

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How to use: During exercise Dilute a sachet in 500 ml of water to obtain an isotonic solution . It contains 1 for 30 g dose

Ingredients: Glucose from corn * , Maltodextrin from corn * , Agave Syrup * , * Pink Himalayan salt ,red and forest fruits flavor, acidity regulator : citric acid , vitamin C ( ascorbic acid L ) * Organic farming Ue/No UE.

Nutritional values for 30gr 2 dosing spoons
Energy : 343kj / 82.11 Kcal
Lipids : 0g
Carbohydrates : 26.1g With sugar : 25.11g
Protein : 0g
Salt : 0.465g
Vitamin C : 80mg