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Endurance GEL

50 ml

Organic Gel 50 ml grapefruit and Lime Flavor

Bio Energy Gel is a dietary energy product for the sport based on carbohydrates indicated in all conditions of prolonged physical effort. 50ml of product supplied 150Kcal (about 2 times the average of another gel on the market) .

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This product in a way that limits the glycemic index glycemic spikes responsible for insulin production in the body . This product was developed to provide additional energy for at least 30 minutes after use.

*Result may vary from person to person

How to use: During exercise , 2 energy gels per hour at the time of peak intensity , maximum 4 per day

Ingredients: Water, maltodextrin * , agave syrup * , glucose * , pink Himalayan salt , citric acid, grapefruit and lime flavor * * From organic farming EU / NON EU.

Nutritional values for 50ml :
Energy : 613kj / 146 Kcal
Lipids : 0g
Carbohydrates : 38g With sugar : 19g
Protein : 0g
Salt : 0.3g