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CARBO PLUS Energy Blood Orange

530 gr.


Recommended for: all endurance sports, as a slowly and constantly released energy source for people practicing intensive physical activities

Packaging: 530 g

CARBOPLUS is a complete supplement for sports people who need energy for a long period of time; Carboplus comprises a balanced mix of all the pro-energy precursors available on the market, formulated in a single product in the light of the Proaction research team’s experience.

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Maltodextrins are polysaccharides that are gradually assimilated by the body and that is why they can provide a constant source of energy for longer than simple sugars. The maltodextrins in CARBOPLUS are long-chain polysaccharides (with 19 dextrose subunits) obtained from GMO-FREE maize by a process of hydrolysis mediated by enzymes (hydrolases), a reaction that enables the separation of the thousands of dextrose molecules bound into the long chains forming the starch’s structure. The degree of hydrolysis can be adjusted to obtain maltodextrins that differ in the length of their component chains. The length of a maltodextrin’s glucide chain correlates with a parameter called dextrose equivalence (DE) based on an inversely proportional relationship: the longer the maltodextrin’s polysaccharide molecules, the lower its DE. From the nutritional standpoint, maltodextrins with a lower DE are qualitatively better because this ensures their gradual absorption and a consequently prolonged energy supply without the glycemic peaks typical of sugars like glucose (which has a DE of 100).

Taken before starting any physical exercise, carnitine has several beneficial effects: it improves performance in sub-maximal exercising, increases maximal aerobic capacity, and improves glycogen use during sustained and prolonged activities. The body needs L-carnitine in situations of physiological stress, muscle activity and exposure to cold. It is also important to know that L-carnitine is of considerable benefit to people on very low-calorie diets because this substance stimulates the combustion of the amino acids leucine and valine, which contribute to producing more than 10% of the energy needed during intensive physical exercise.

Arginine is undeniably the most popular amino acid and research has increasingly supported its use by athletes. It improves the energy levels and strength needed to practice any sport. The positive findings of past studies and novel research have demonstrated that arginine is really effective, as confirmed by the exponential increase in the sales of the increasingly numerous supplements containing this amino acid. The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), leucine, isoleucine and valine, are three amino acids belonging to the group of ‘essential’ amino acids, so called because - unlike the other amino acids - the body is unable to produce them and it is essential to obtain them from the diet. They are indispensable for muscle metabolism to function properly and they account for approximately 35% of a muscle’s volume.

Use: dissolve a dose of 53 g (4 heaped spoonfuls) of product in 500 ml of water. Drink two doses a day before and during sporting activities.

Ingredients: maltodextrins; dextrose; isomaltulose; Acidifier: citric acid; L-leucine; L-carnitine L- tartrate; flavorings; L-arginine; Acidity corrector: sodium citrate; Coloring agents: E162, E160a, E150d; L-isoleucine; L-valine; Stabilizer: sucrose monopalmitate; Sweetener: sucralose.

Precautions: The product should be used as part of a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not for use in pregnancy or in children, or for long periods of time without consulting a doctor. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place.