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Energy Bar Almond ON-ENERGY

30 gr.

Energy bar / snack rich in almond paste so beneficial for health by the presence of a good quantity of calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin E with antioxidant effect. Also energetic thanks to a high percentage of polyunsaturated fats (good fats for health). Mixing with maltodextrin allows long-term intake. Also indicated during the coldest seasons.

3.20 CHF
Tax incl.

Available: 36   

Use: During sport activity or during the day as a snack breaks hunger.

Ingredients: Almond paste* 60% (almonds *, cane sugar *, water, invert sugar syrup *), Rice flour * 17% (rice flour *, cane sugar *, sunflower oil *, salt), corn syrup * 11%, rice syrup * 5%, maltodextrin * 5%, host * 2% Potato *, water, sunflower oil *)

BIO: *from Organic Eu/no Eu agriculture

Allergens: May contain traces of other nuts

Nutritional information for 30gr:
Energie 558 KJ/ 133 Kcal
Lipides 5.7gr dont saturé 0.45gr
Glucides 17.7gr dont sucre 11.1gr
Fibre alimentaire 1.2g
protéines 2.7gr
Sel 0.066gr