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50 gr.

Excellent aid to sports performance
Rich in magnesium
Energetic and delicious

Interesting complement to muscle equilibrium, magnesium plays a role in the good neuromuscular functioning as well as the proper nervous flow.

The guaranteed magnesium content of the OVERSTIM.s Chocolate-magnesium bar thus contributes to the achievement of sports performance.

Being delicious and energetic, the OVERSTIM.s Chocolate-magnesium bar is a first-choice for sports practice.

3.40 CHF
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Available: 26   

Before the effort: can be taken about 1 hour before theof a training session as a snack.
During the effort: it complements the action of OVERSTIM. energy fluids and gels. It should be taken in small quantities at regular intervals.
Can also be taken as a snack during periods of stress fatigue.

Flavors: Milk chocolate

Packing: 50 gr. bar

Ingredients: milk chocolate 24% (sugar, cocoa butter 24%, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, emulsifier: lecithins (soya), natural vanilla flavouring), glucose syrup, oat flakes 11.9%, caramelised soya beans (sugar, soya, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat, glucose syrup, colouring: caramel, caramel flavouring), extruded cereals 6.8% (rice flour, wheat flour, wheat malt, sucrose, wheat gluten, wheat dextrose, salt), cereal billets 6.1% (rice flour, palm oil, wheat gluten, sucrose, wheat malt, dextrose, salt), wheat germ 6.1%, roasted soya beans, inverted sugar, stabilising agent: glycerol, sunflower oil, milk proteins, cocoa powder 2%, dimagnesium phosphate trihydrate, maltodextrin, emulsifier: lecithins (soya), chocolate flavour, natural flavouring: cocoa extract, salt. Made in a factory that uses: egg, nuts, sesame.