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40 gr. - EXP 07/2018

Fruit energy bar sugar free Goji 40 gr

Bar with high percentage of Goji berries and excellent anti-oxidant properties and very high quantities of vitamin C.

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The selected mix of alkaline pH fruit combats the excessive production of free radicals during intense sporting activity, thereby ensuring better endurance. The Vitamin E in rice germ ( Bio Surice®) stimulates micro-circulation and also has a softening and soothing action for the digestive tract and helps control gastric acidity

*Result may vary from person to person

How to use: Before and during sport or during the day as a snack break

Ingredients reviews: Raisin( raisin, sunflower’s oil), Goji berries22%, dehydrated apicots, coconut flour, Bio Surice® (germinated whole rice, corn maltodextrin), wafers* (potato starch, water, sunflower’s oil)?From Organic EU/No EU agriculture. Nutritional values for 40gr :
Energy : 553kj / 132.12 Kcal Lipids : 1.2g of which saturated : 0.12g
Carbohydrates : 27.88g With sugar : 10g
Protein : 2.44g
Salt : 2.08mg